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Pregnancy, Pre-Conceptual

and Post- Natal Reflexology


Reflexology is an excellent therapy for women wishing to conceive.  It is well known that anxiety is one of the greatest barriers to conception.  High levels of stress hormone conflict with the production of the hormones required for conception. Reflexology during this time is recommended to help relax, lower stress levels and aid natural conception.


During Pregnancy

During pregnancy (after week 12) reflexology can provide time for relaxation and can help soothe pregnancy ailments (e.g. morning sickness, backache, insomnia, constipation and general aches and pains), prepare the body for labour and birth, conserve energy for you and the baby and increase oxygen to your body and in turn your baby.

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After week 37 of pregnancy treatments change to incorporate specific reflex points relating to the glands that are directly involved in preparing for labour. Reflexology at this time of the pregnancy can leave women feeling calmer and better prepared mentally and physically for the forthcoming labour and birth.



Reflexology after birth can help you recover from the exhaustion of labour and help relax you and support you as you adjust to life with a baby.  Feeling relaxed will help with breastfeeding and reflexology can help rebalance your hormones to return to their normal pre-natal condition.

Reflexology Therapy
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