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Sarah's approach was friendly and professional and I immediately felt relaxed and in safe hands.  The treatment itself was deeply relaxing - so much that I fell asleep each time!  Sarah was sensitive and thoughtful about the treatment and what I wished to gain from it.  Highly recommend!

Jemma, Kensal Rise

"Sarah is an extremely diligent reflexology practitioner.  She pays close attention to the specificity of each individual and talks through the session at the beginning and end.  The treatment room is very comfortable, inducing a deeply relaxing experience.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Sarah if you are concerned about any aspect of your wellbeing.  I think you find that she can provide the tonic that you need."

Allan, East London

Sarah has a calm, friendly and easy energy which is perfect and she works silently so that you can really tune into the treatment. I felt calm, restored and also energised afterwards and experienced a deep level of relaxation and slept very well afterwards. I am such a convert and believer now in reflexology that I would like to book a course for myself and continue with this. I thoroughly recommend this and this comes from someone who usually finds it hard to relax and unwind. Bravo Sarah and see you soon!

Georgina, Kilburn

Sarah is lovely, very gentle and kind. My treatment was very relaxing which was exactly what I needed and Sarah put me into a such deeply calm state - I actually fell asleep.

Alex, Kensal Rise

I had three reflexology sessions with Sarah and found it very relaxing. I also found it helpful with my knee & foot pain. Before the first session while we discussed my current health conditions, I forgot to mention my knee pain. I was so taken aback when Sarah asked me if I had a problem with my knee. Through her hands on reflexology she could identify there was a problem with my knee.

Margaret, Queens Park

I’m 34 weeks pregnant and recently met Sarah to support me at the end of my pregnancy journey. I’m currently having weekly sessions. I’ve found Sarah to have a calm and restorative energy which is perfect for me while I relax into the last phase of my pregnancy. After my first session I felt instantly revitalised then experienced a deep level of relaxation and I slept very well that evening. Baby enjoyed it too! I thoroughly recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to restore, rebalance and unwind as part of their maternity experience. Sarah is deeply caring and professional so you will be in safe hands. Looking forward to my next session already! Thanks

Christina, Kensal Rise

Sarah is very professional and has a wonderful gentle touch.  She quickly discovered all my problem areas, I was having quite a bit of neck pain which had totally vanished by the end of the session and I was left in a wonderfully relaxed state.  It was great.

Linda, Hendon

I recently received two treatments from Sarah, reflexology is my favourite choice of treatment, so I was really looking forward to them.  Sarah did not disappoint. I was so utterly relaxed both during the treatment and for hours afterwards. Which is saying a lot, as I was then looking after my 2 and 4 year old! It was lovely having some me time, and I will certainly be booking in for another session soon.

Natalie, Willesden Green

I've gone through a journey of healing with Sarah. I have rarely been sent to such depths of relaxation and have felt those moments were essential to me during a highly stressful period. In addition to profound overall relaxation she was able to address specific issues which I was suffering from and found relief with her. Thank you Sarah, I thoroughly recommend you!

Anu, Kensal Rise

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